About Jochen

Jochen looking into the camera in front of a brick wall

Hello, I'm Jochen, but please feel free to call me John.

I thrive on crafting effective and enjoyable user experiences that make peoples' lives more productive, creative, and fun.

Before pivoting my career to become a designer in 2006, I have worked in technical marketing, software QA, and co-owned a small business for six years. Thanks to this career experience, I have a solid understanding of how UX translates to reaching business goals.

I know how to effectively communicate with developers, marketers, and management to champion "my" users, and I feel very comfortable doing so.

In addition to practicing design hands-on, I share my expertise and everyday UX observations through writing and speaking.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s build amazing things together!

Whether you need a designer for contract work, or if you're looking to fill a full-time position on your UX team, let's talk:

Email me at jochen@jochenwolters.com

Jochen's Websites


To produce my websites, I use BBEdit, Coda, MarsEdit, nvAlt, OmniGraffle, Photoshop, Snapz Pro X, and Transmit on an Apple Macintosh.

This website and Lift Your XJ are composed of hand-coded static HTML 5 and CSS 3. The UI Observatory and A Polytrope's Life are published through WordPress, using the Parsedown for WordPress, and Wordfence Security plug-ins.

Hosting is provided by a Hetzner root server running Debian Linux, and expertly administered by my good friend, Ralf Bergs.