Interaction Design

Introduction to Ben Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design

Intended as an introduction to the fundamentals of interaction design, the talk explains how this discipline is a science-based craft and not some obscure digital magic mastered only by a chosen few.

I have presented this talk at the webcon Aachen 2012 conference, for Aachen CocoaHeads, and to several regional meetup groups.

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The speaker, Jochen, did a great job. His grasp of the subject (UX), and ability to present it to the class in understandable terms was impressive.

Jason, at Galvanize

Great honest and incisive talk encouraged good comments and discussion.

Daniel Walker, at FCIP

In a true parforce run, Jochen Wolters presented Ben Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design. Not only did he provide translations of the original English text [into German], but also demonstrated and explained examples for good and bad design solutions. Kudos that he managed to fit all that into just under one hour.

Michael Kieweg, at webcon Aachen 2012 (in German)

What was Apple thinking?

With iOS 7, Apple radically changed the look and feel of their iconic mobile operating. Unfortunately, the designers in Cupertino ignored (or intentionally violated?) fundamental interaction design principles when they revamped iOS.

This talk starts with a short introduction to affordances, Gestalt laws, and skeuomorphism, and then points out which aspects of the current iOS UI are problematic, and why.

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Good Design is Invisible (Or is it?)

For the 2012 design colloquium at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, I asked design students whether good design is invisible (as claimed by iA's Oliver Reichenstein, and others).

After explaining my idea of what "invisible design" could actually mean, I invited the students to share their views. What followed, was a lively discussion that extended well beyond the originally allotted time slot for the event.

Surprisingly — and to my absolute delight —, I received praise for my lecture’s “User Experience,” because, according to the students, I was the only speaker in the colloquium, who had actively involved the audience in their lecture instead of performing the usual academic soliloquy.


Backups Are the BOMB!

Anyone who "makes digital stuff" — texts, photos, videos, music, etc. — should be aware of how quickly they can lose data, but also how easy it is to define and implement a reliable backup strategy. That's what this talk is about.

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Wolters gave an awesome presentation that cut out the technical details and told the audience what they really needed to know.

Dr. Neal Krawetz, in “Backups and Tears

Farther Afield

Create More, Consume Less

Since 2013, I've helped organize the Ignite Fort Collins series of presentations, and I've presented few "Ignite Sparks" myself. Of these, "Create More, Consume Less" is my favorite.