On Design

The UI Observatory

Every day, we humans experience countless interactions between ourselves and complex technical artifacts like machines, cars, or computers.

The UI Observatory is a blog about such everyday user experiences from the perspective of a regular user who happens to be a UX pro.

To get a feel for what things I observe, and how I put those observations into words, take a look at these articles (the exact selection of which I might occasionally revise):


Lift Your XJ

In 1999, I installed a suspension system in the Jeep I was driving back then. The installation manual was incomplete and somewhat vague. So I took photos and notes while working on the car, and created the Lift Your XJ website to complement and expand the manufacturer's instructions.

O'Reilly MacDevCenter

From 2006 until 2010, I wrote feature articles and blog posts for the now-defunct Mac Dev Center and O’Reilly Digital Media websites. One of the most popular articles was "Hit-and-Run: Launching AppleScripts with Keyboard Shortcuts."